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Say a prayer for those who we’ve lost or are fighting cancer

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago I lost a buddy to cancer – had to say goodbye at the crematorium along with his close family and hundreds of his other friends.

That evening, the words ‘A castle in sky…’ whispered away in my mind.  I have lots of whisperings in my head, words, plots, voices of characters from many genres and story lines I’m working on – I’m not psychotic – well at least I don’t think so??

I kept the order of service, have it pinned to the wall in my office, so my buddy can cast his smile over me.  And yesterday I felt so compelled to write, it happened very quickly, and when I read it back I was moved to tears; for it’s as if I’d written it on his behalf.

I deliberated before taking the decision to send my prose to his widow and now I’m anxious that my words, spoken from the heart, will stir her sorrow instead of healing her soul as intended.  She will surely know that my friend Bob has had a hand in the poetry;  Bob and his wife regularly enjoyed tropical holidays together and one of the verses reads; ‘Where the turtles play – dragging the fresh sand all day.’

May we all say a prayer for those who’ve lost or are fighting a fierce battle against cancer.

Steve X


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