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Don’t ya list’n to them negative voices puttin’ ya down…’Lifetime Rhymes’ ** Coming soon **


Thank you so very much for all your wonderful support and encouragement you’ve given me over the last few months.  Your kindness has been truly inspirational; so much so that I’ve complied ‘Lifetime Rhymes’ a fabulous book of my own poetry and lyrics – featuring both published and as yet un-publised work.

‘Lifetime Rhymes’ is a book of heartfelt words and images giving you, the reader, true inspiration and love – words to take with you on your journey through life’s ups and downs and written truly and sincerely from my heart.

‘Lifetime Rhymes’ will be available very soon as an ebook in all the standard formats and of course I’ll let you know the very moment I click the upload button – in the meantime, as a taster, I’ve included a couple below.

And as for those of you who’ve yet to share my mid-life crisis fantasy; ‘Faithful’ is available for download right now on Kindle – more information on my thrilling, risqué and fun short story can be found within my blog.

Bless you.

Steve X


As I took my 1st step

I held a steady hand

As a child, learning about life,

I held a guiding hand

And now I’m an adult

I can offer you my loving hand.


I’m feeling so very Blessed

And so very Impressed

That my friends & pals

Are such beautifully, Caring

And Loving, Guys & Gals



Don’t listen to them

Negative Voices

With their Frowns

Putting ya Down

For remember

My Friends..

That it’s your LIFE!

And yours to make

Your own CHOICES!


poetry cogs

© SR Clarke X

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