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Annabelle is a vision of loveliness wrapped, like a fancy gift, in a sheer summer dress.

Maybe like me, you’re suffering from a mid-life crisis?

Extracted, with pleasure, from Chapter 3 – My first glimpse of Annabelle.

Suddenly, the front door opens, just a crack, releasing gallons of emotions, torrents of tears and pent up frustration – gushing out, over the lawn and smacking me around the face with a soul-stirring tsunami.

As I wipe the Faithful family’s sorrow from my eyes, I catch my first glimpse of Annabelle – not the black widow I was expecting, but a vision of loveliness wrapped, like a fancy gift, in a sheer summer dress. Her dignity saved by a bold print of large crimson-yellow sunflowers, strategically placed over her cotton garment, creased like crepe paper, hugging her mid-term bump and stretched over her enhanced double D breasts. Sweet honey blonde, flowing naturally over slender shoulders and with lips like plums – ripe for the picking and the sweet enticing scent of ‘Euphoria’ carried along by the hazy heat wave…

As you will find out, all is not as it appears in the Faithful household.

FAITHFUL is available for download on Amazon Kindle.  Dig into my blog for some very good reviews and why not purchase a copy for yourself – it’s enlightening and certainly entertaining – a real ‘page turner’.

Fidelity, my second adventure in the series, is coming soon!

Steve X


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*Fabulous short story* – 5 Star Review – FAITHFUL is “a well-orchestrated salacious tease …”

HUGE thanks to Bonnie, for her fabulous review of FAITHFUL on Amazon! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed your reading experience.

FAITHFUL is the first instalment of a series written by Steve Clarke

Bonnie said, ‘Faithful is a well orchestrated salacious tease.  Written partly in the first person, it explores the imagination of Steve Clarke, on his mid-life journey where the everyday coincides with fantasy.

The other part of Faithful involves his potential client.  In this first instalment of the series, several mysteries are laid out involving the window, Annabelle Faithful and her husband.”

Bonnie review

I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Fidelity, the second book in the series (delves much deeper into the mid-life crisis and the fantasy’s that arise) is due for release later this year.

Steve X

p.s This is Matthew Faithful, a successful boat designer – trouble is he’s been working just that little bit too hard…


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