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Imagine what can be achieved, if you and I just believed.


Thank you so very much for all your wonderful support and encouragement which has really fired my creative spirit.

Your kind response to my poetry has been truly inspirational; so much so that I’ve complied ‘Lifetime Rhymes’ a fabulous collection of inspirational poetry and lyrics – featuring both published and as yet un-publised work.

‘Lifetime Rhymes’ is full of passion to take with you on your journey through life, written truly and sincerely from my heart.

‘Lifetime Rhymes’ will be available very soon initially as an ebook in all the standard formats and of course I’ll let you know the very moment it’s published – in the meantime, as a taster, I’ve included some examples below just to whet your appetite.

Bless you all.

Steve X

Lifetime Rhymes

Your eyes,


That Glisten.

Your voice,

Lips moist

I Listen

Your Breasts


I caress

We French Kiss


Passionate Abyss,

Squeezed Thigh


Our natural High!


Imagine what could be achieved

If you and I believed

It’s impossible to fail

Leaving the straight rail

To step on board and sail,

Grow wings and a tail

Step down from the shelf

Believe in oneself

Have faith to move on

Before opportunities gone

Know what we can achieve

When we just believe

Don’t wonder how?

Just do it right now!


Warmth of my breath

Kissing your neck

Sweat on my brow

Foreplay, for now

A cuddle, a tease

Down on my knees

Try Faithful, please


And as for those of you who’ve yet to share my fantasy mid-life crisis…’Faithful’ is available for download right now on Kindle;

More information on my thrilling, risqué and fun short story, can be found within this blog – the sequel, Fidelity, will be coming out very soon.

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© SR Clarke X

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Cansa, you’d better watch out – cos we’re coming to get ya!

Dear Friends,


To the heroes who walk among us

Who never complain, or make a fuss

Loss of hair, heads they shave

A dedication, I salute the brave

So if you’re feeling low, or had enough

Never give up, you’re made of stronger stuff

With a collective voice, FIND A CURE, be heard

Never give in, or ever give cancer the last word


A very good friend of mine is in remission having battled breast cancer: operation, chemo, radio.  Her hair is now growing back and is long enough for her to discard the head scarf (I’m not sure if she has burnt it just yet, I haven’t asked) but it’s just in time – as the hot, humid weather strikes our sunny (UK) shores.

She has remained positive throughout, despite the sickness, constant needles, drugs, blood tests, hair loss, etc. etc…

Having spent time on the chemo ward (during her treatment) I witnessed bravery, as the patients put their trust in medicine, following the path laid out before them.

The staff at the chemo unit are angels, every single one of them.


The human spirit is strong, the desire to survive even stronger.

Together, WE WILL beat cancer

Because we are not prepared to put up with it much longer

WE WILL find a cure

It’s just a matter or time, for that I’m sure!

I’ve been inspired to write the following rhyme (to be read as a rap)  – please pass it on to your friends and family hopefully it can help to further raise awareness. and remember –


Cancer, watch out – cos we’re coming to get ya!

We ain’t afraid to say ya name


And certainly not hold our heads in shame



Cos we’re one step ahead of ya

Better watch out cos we’re coming to get ya


We know how you start

A simple mark

A lump or a bump

Can take hold in a spark


You try to demean so very mean

We know ya wanna friend

But ya just so pretend

And we’re gunna rock ya

Take a trip to the docta


But through fear or dread

Hear what they say

And never delay


A friend a colleague a child or a spouse

All God’s animals including a mouse

Age, gender or race holds no bounds

Cos Cansa’s doing the rounds


Whether you’re a dancer

Whether you’re a chancer

Cansa’s without loyalty

Can even strike Royalty


But through fear or dread

Hear what they say

And never delay


Whatever Cansa send

Gunna fight to the bitter end

Treatment loss of hair

Others may stare


But you’re not gunna shake us

And certainly not break us

For one day be sure

A prevention or cure!


But through fear or dread

Hear what they say

And never delay


We know someone who’s tried

Someone who’s died

So gather your friends

Against whatever it sends


Cos it’d better watch out

As we scream and shout

For we’re so sure

We’ll find your cure!!!

Spoken from my heart

© SR Clarke X

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“And just in time,” I moan with a squirt of hand-wash – Fortunately the leather’s so forgiving… “You’re very welcome my sweet,” she purrs.

Hello again fellow readers, authors and fantasists, join me for the ride of your life; on a roller coaster of a mid-life crisis.

It’s probably just your imagination or is it..?

Extracted, with pleasure, from Chapter 2 – Vigorous vibrations

…“We’ve reached our destination,” she groans ejecting the cigarette lighter from the centre console and right on cue.

“And just in time,” I moan with a squirt of hand-wash – Fortunately the leather’s so forgiving… “You’re very welcome my sweet,” she purrs.

As I exhale a perfect smoke ring, its attracted, like a powerful magnet, towards number sixty-nine with curtains drawn and radiating such pure desolation. The picture postcard property appears well maintained, but is looking so forlorn; emanating such deep sorrow with its red roof tiles frowning and yellow bricks and mortar presenting an upturned smile. Pretty ‘Rose Cottage’ seems unloved and unkempt, with the contents of a fallen wheelie bin: plastic bottles and discarded envelopes scattered across the drive…

Faithful is available for download on Amazon Kindle, dig deep into my blog for some very good reviews. Why not purchase a copy for yourself it’s enlightening and entertaining.

Fidelity, the second adventure in the series, will be coming soon!

Steve X


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