We linger for a while, our happiness so very fertile; a selection of micro-poetry. X

27 Jun


I was recently asked, “Can you describe your book in 3 words? #morningchallenge :-)))”
Well I replied, “Yes @smileylms FAITHFUL is;”
Well that’s actually four words creatively arranged!
I’m brimming over with inspiration and creativity.  I write poetry, lyrics and short stories, so please drop by again soon.
The following’s a selection of my ‘micro-poetry’ which I tweet regularly.
Steve X
We met by chance through tweeting
Befriended without a meeting
We read and write for a while
Returning to our busy lives
With a smile
Another day another sun
For time will wait for none
Tis a fresh new week
For friendship we seek
Lower one’s strife
For a healthier life
Climbing from the mire
Looking to the spire
Reaching out
And inspire!
Smiles 🙂
Travel miles
Linger for a while
Happiness, so fertile
An email, tweet or a dial
Go on! Give me a smile
poetry cogs
© SR Clarke X
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