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“Matthew sleeps on the left,” she gestures like a theatrical actress, “…always has done.”

Welcome back fellow readers, authors and fantasists, are you enjoying the ride of your life; on my roller coaster of a mid-life crisis?

How many men to you know who fantasise? Do you? Or do you suspect someone who does? Is your / his secretary really a blonde-bombshell, coming on to you / him at every opportunity, or is she really just suffering from a similar mid-life crisis? Certainly not flashing her cleavage or sticking her arse out when picking up something from the floor? It’s probably be just your imagination or is it..?


Extracted, with pleasure, from Chapter 4 – It’s plenty big enough.

…“Matthew sleeps on the left,” she gestures like a theatrical actress, “…always has done.”

Neil’s eyes are drawn to the king-size bed, immaculately dressed with plumped up pillows and a frilly valance and Matthew’s personal belongings perfectly placed on the pine bedside-table: a ship-builder’s manual, glasses case and a red and white envelope torn apart with match tickets spilling out.  Each item carefully placed just like a shrine but the ejected, ransacked drawers tell a very different story…

Over the other side of the bed, ‘Fifty Shades’ in paperback, age-defying eye-cream, half a glass of water and a fallen bottle of ‘Diazepam’ with just a few pills remaining, scattered like little golf balls around her wedding ring.  Out of sight, in the ottoman at the bottom of bed, beneath discarded copies of fashion and home-style magazines, is evidence of a tantrum having taken place; torn up credit-card receipts, a clear plastic bag (the type you use in the airport) of Matthew’s personal effects handed to her at the police station along with his mobile phone – it survived the impact but not Annabelle’s inquisition, now smashed up like a jigsaw puzzle into a million pieces…

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Fidelity, my second adventure in the series, will be coming soon!

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