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Sensually gesturing me into the squeaky tight gap with her flirtatious enunciation


Do you know men who are having a mid-life crisis? Maybe you are yourself?

Is he living a life of fantasy? Is he really staying late to finish a report? Do you really know his secretary? How do they behave at the Christmas party – is this too familiar?

Extracted, with pleasure, from Chapter 2: Vigorous vibrations.

As I exhale a perfect smoke ring, it’s attracted, like a powerful magnet, towards number sixty-nine with curtains drawn and radiating such pure desolation. The picture postcard property appears well maintained, but is looking so forlorn; emanating such deep sorrow with its red roof tiles frowning and yellow bricks and mortar presenting an upturned smile. Pretty ‘Rose Cottage’ seems unloved and unkempt, with the contents of a fallen wheelie bin: plastic bottles and discarded envelopes scattered across the drive.  The uncut lawn is full of daisies and dandelions swaying in the gentle breeze while unclaimed cartons of semi-skimmed milk and fruit juice are souring beside the porch in the fresh morning sun.

As I pull up alongside a potential parking space, opposite number sixty nine, Rebecca my feisty red-headed parking assistant takes over, sensually gesturing me into the squeaky tight gap with her flirtatious enunciation.  I’m filled with desire, watching her in my rear view mirror, as she sprawls out across the back seat – bleep! That’s close enough and with a sharp tug on my handbrake, I re-check the precision timepiece prised, with such skill, into the walnut-veneer – Fifteen minutes to nine – It’s too early! I know from bitter experience not to rush clients: ruffled hair, sleepy dust and bad breath can be so unpleasant…

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Fidelity, my second adventure in the series, will be coming soon!

Steve X


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