Wanna laugh? Then guess What am I?

17 Jun

What am I?


There’s a far cry in the sky

Oh, what am I?


Did you know?

We’ve homes in Wimbledon

Did you know?

We’ve homes by the sea

But you still say common

My feathered friends and I


Did you know?

We take offence

While perched on your fence


You say we make mess

Well maybe just a little on your dress

Or in your hair while you stare

Well we do like to give and share.


Did you know?

We clear your waste

In volume and with haste

Tossed aside crisps and fries

Tossed aside sandwiches

And even dead flies.


But did you know?

We hear your terrible cries

We hear your incessant lies

We listen to those who roam

And those without a home


You say a curse

But surely no worse

Than our cousins the Hawk

Who still give a squawk

We make little sound

Beaks drumming to the ground


You say vermin

But surely a pest no lest

Than our cousins with a crest

Have you tried our egg?

Just kidding – pulling your leg!


And as for those posh ones

With their cheep red breast

You feed them nice seed

Coo, fuss and need

While we just sigh

And try not cry


You say

Rat of the sky

While we swirl up high

Well we do have feather

But we ain’t no never

Ain’t no never

As common as a rat!


And just cos we’re grey

And not white you say

We are Pigeon not dove

We are Pigeon without love!


A few words from my Funny Bone

© SR Clarke X

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