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Fabulous 50’s Crackin’ her Whip

Watch out for this fab lady Crackin’ my Whip for she’s a dab hand with the bull whip.


If you like that, then read this…

Faithful Chapter 2 – Vigorous vibrations

..“Where possible, take an authorised U-turn,” Olga gestures with a roll of her hips and a sway of her voluptuous breasts, all scooped up into a figure-hugging leather one-piece and perfectly matched to my performance car’s creamy interior. I’d paid a princely sum for the multi-lingual upgrade, but to me she’s worth – every – single – penny. From the moment we first met, on hearing her voice as we left the car showroom, I conjured her up as my dominant travelling partner: high heels, never ending legs and a plaited bull-whip to guarantee I follow her precise directions, “In 500 meters keep left at the junction,” she persuades with her Scandinavian accent.

Oh, so soon? I moan, holding back so we can arrive together…

Do come again for further enlightenment or why not visit Amazon and download a copy of Faithful for your ultimate pleasure.

Fidelity, the second in the series, is coming soon!

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