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“And just in time,” I moan with a squirt of hand-wash – Fortunately the leather’s so forgiving…

Hello again fellow readers, authors and fantasists, join me for the ride of your life; on a roller coaster of a mid-life crisis.

How many men to you know who fantasise? Do you? Or do you suspect someone who does? Is your / his secretary really a blonde-bombshell, coming on to you / him at every opportunity, or is she really just suffering from a similar mid-life crisis? Certainly not flashing her cleavage or sticking her arse out when picking up something from the floor? It’s probably be just your imagination or is it..?

Extracted, with pleasure, from Chapter 2 – Vigorous vibrations

…“We’ve reached our destination,” she groans ejecting the cigarette lighter from the centre console and right on cue.

“And just in time,” I moan with a squirt of hand-wash – Fortunately the leather’s so forgiving… “You’re very welcome my sweet,” she purrs.

As I exhale a perfect smoke ring, its attracted, like a powerful magnet, towards number sixty-nine with curtains drawn and radiating such pure desolation. The picture postcard property appears well maintained, but is looking so forlorn; emanating such deep sorrow with its red roof tiles frowning and yellow bricks and mortar presenting an upturned smile. Pretty ‘Rose Cottage’ seems unloved and unkempt, with the contents of a fallen wheelie bin: plastic bottles and discarded envelopes scattered across the drive…

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Fidelity, the second adventure in the series, will be coming soon!

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